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Tax Appeals


PDF versions of all forms may be printed, filled in, signed and mailed to the address directed.  ELECTRONIC FILING IS NOT PERMITTED.

Forms may also be obtained by calling us at (518) 266-3000.

TA-2 Hearing Memorandum Hearing Memorandum instructions outline the purpose of the memorandum, what its content should consist of and guidelines for the conduct of a hearing in the Division of Tax Appeals.
TA-10 Petition Form and instructions for filing a Petition with the Division of Tax Appeals.
TA-14 Notice of Exception to Administrative Law Judge's Determination Form and instructions for filing a Notice of Exception with the Tax Appeals Tribunal.
POA-1 Power of Attorney Forms and instructions
TA-30.1 Notice of Withdrawal of Petition and Discontinuance of Proceeding  
TA-30.2 Stipulation for Discontinuance  
TA-34 Notice of Cancellation of Deficiency/Determination and Discontinuance of Proceeding  
TA-35 Stipulation for Discontinuance of Proceeding and Referral of Proceeding to Bureau of Conciliation and Mediation Services  
TA-35.1 Stipulation for Discontinuance of Proceeding upon Rescission of a Conciliation Order Dismissing a Request  
TA-35.2 Withdrawal of Petition for Matter Currently Pending in the Bureau of Conciliation and Mediation Services  
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